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  • March 19, the traditional Torciata San Giuseppe . It 'an event held to coincide with the end of winter, to celebrate the arrival of spring and involves, by actors and spectators, the population of Pitigliano. Theatre of the representation is the historic center of town. Appearing in fifteenth-century costumes give rise to historical parade. Accompanied by flag bearers make their way to Piazza Garibaldi, where, in the days before the event, is hoisted a puppet of reeds, representing the winter, in the dialect of the invernacciu. The listed lined up on the stairs of the City Hall and the flag wavers perform around all'invernacciu. At dusk, the three blasts on the trumpet signal, forty torciatori, clothes you know, start to climb towards the village starting from the Cave of Gradone Vie, Meleta along the river, going for Selciata, ancient entrance to the town, bringing in fagots shoulder lighted canes. The procession of torciatori, the head of which the porters with the statue of the saint, entering the square. The torciatori sit around all'invernacciu and, after the blessing, placing their lighted torches at the base of the doll, giving life to a huge bonfire, around which the girotorno of torciatori forms. Consumed the fire, the ashes are collected by women and are held in homes as a sign of good luck. During the festival you will savor traditional pancakes of Saint Joseph of Pitigliano.

  • in June, celebrations in honor of St. Paul of the Cross to the village Casone

  • in August, Petilia Festival (the charm of the place, the wine, the music)

  • August 16, festivities in honor of San Rocco , the patron saint of the country.

  • first weekend of September (usually Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we celebrate the new wine with the characteristic opening of the cellars (or "cantinelle"): the locals organize real outdoor banquets , on the terraces or along the narrow streets of the ghetto, with grilled meats, typical dishes, local wine and musical entertainment. Each cantinella is characterized by a name (eg. Infernu cellar, cyclist cellar etc …) and themed decorations with festoons and much more (even engines, in the case of the cellar hot piston). This event attracts tourists and inhabitants of neighboring countries.

  • first half of September, celebrations in honor of Holy Mary of Grace

  • September 29, the annual fair